Starting with raw materials, Donnan expertly shapes each stone using cabbing wheels and lapping discs while maintaining its natural integrity. He enjoys and appreciates each step of the process: the art of lapidary, the milling of silver, and soldering all of the materials together to create each unique piece of wearable art.


When deciding on materials, Donnan returns to his greatest inspiration, the natural world, preferring to use stone, bone, wood, gold and silver, minerals and crystals, and found objects. He expresses his native heritage by using the sacred colors and materials of the Ndee Tribe like turqoise, white shell, abalone, coral, jet black jade, and silver. Requests for certain materials in custom orders can be met.


Donnan's inspiration comes from the natural world, his dreams, and his life experiences. He endeavors to replicate these stories in each piece, remaining thoughtful about the materials and their origins. He continues to incorporate his original inspiration of Navajo, or Diné, jewelry design into his work and credits the greatest influence of his style to the work of jeweler, Don Beres.


Donnan greatly enjoys the challenge of producing custom work that others want to see created. To order a piece of custom work, please contact Donnan by email at to set up an appointment to discuss the certain materials and style you are looking for. Requests for repairs are also welcome.